Edge/Fog Computing

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Ruggedized, with a variety of input output connections open, future-ready infrastructure solutions and scalable cloud services

Secure and Cost Effecting Computing

Build the right IoT infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively.

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The challenge with IoT is to securely and efficiently capture massive amounts of data for analytics and actionable insights to improve your business. Select an IoT infrastructure that provides the security and manageability from the network’s edge to the datacenter or the cloud powered by Dell.


Engineered for the extreme.

The Edge Gateway is made to withstand harsh conditions. It works out in the field, down on the factory floor, and stuck on an HVAC system, because it has industrial-grade form factors. Some models offer an operating temperature range of -30°C to 70°C. Gateways have a low-energy, fanless design, with wall and DIN-rail mounts.

Connect your legacy systems with a wide variety of wired and wireless connections, including from traditional serial connections, broadband and new mesh networks, so it’s easier to integrate and normalize your data.


Connect More Things.

The Edge Gateway includes a wide variety of wired and wireless connections, including serial connections. The I/O on the intelligent device makes it easy to connect your legacy industrial systems and your new mesh networks. The Gateway uses Wi-Fi, WWAN and Ethernet to connect and communicate. Then the processing power of the Gateway supports middleware to aggregate, convert and normalize data from all the disparate protocols – from ModBus to BACnet to ZigBee and more.

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