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Outperforms other stream processing engines  giving you accurate situational awareness so you can react appropriately to what's happening and what's predicted to happen.

Data-in-Motion with SAS® Event Stream Processing

Analyze streaming data, and take appropriate action instantly.

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Seize opportunities and spot red flags hidden in the massive torrent of fast-moving data that flows through your business. With SAS Event Stream Processing, you can analyze high-velocity big data while it’s still in motion – before it is stored – so you can take immediate action on what’s relevant, and ignore what isn’t.



Get insight for taking the right action.

Streaming data from operations, transactions, sensors and IoT devices is valuable – when it’s well-understood. Regardless of data type or source, event stream processing from SAS includes streaming data quality and analytics – and a vast array of prebuilt mechanisms for connecting, deciphering, cleansing and understanding streaming data – in one solution.

Make sound big data decisions.

Filter, normalize, categorize, aggregate, standardize and cleanse big data before you store it – saving significant staff and computing resources from having to unpollute data lakes. Prebuilt data quality routines and text processing execution are applied to data in motion, so big data is filtered and ready for consumption.

Scale economically to growing data volumes.

Faster, better and more powerful stream processing of high-volume throughput (millions of events per second) means low-latency response times, running in distributed, in-memory grid processing commodity hardware environments. Continuous queries run faster in the flexible threaded processing model, which natively supports dynamic updates, deletions and insertions.

Take control and adapt to changing events quickly.

No matter how fast your data moves, how much data you have, or how many data sources you’re pulling from, it’s all under your control via a single, intuitive interface. You can define patterns and address scenarios from all aspects of your business, giving you the power to stay agile and tackle issues as they arise.