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Syntheses is your preferred solutions provider for IOT Analytics needs. Let us help you gain the highest returns from your data whether it is data at rest, data at the edge or data in-motion.


Built for Speed  

Engineered for high-volume processing of millions of events per second and low-latency response times.

Self Service

Automated forecasting, goal seeking, scenario analysis, decision trees and more are right at your fingertips

Single Platform

Data Discovery, Interactive Reporting and Self-Service Analytics – all in a single managed, governed solution


Ease of Use

Provides an intuitive visual interface that makes it easy to define, test and refine

Interactive Dashboards

 A single user interface lets you go directly from reporting and exploration, to analysis, to sharing information through different channels.

Enterprise Ready

Highly scalable, enterprise-ready and IT-vetted platform capabilities.


Unlimited Users

Innovative pricing model by core. Add as many users as you want without additional license fee.

Auto Charting

Start explorations from the most ideal point and automatically pick the best graph for your data.

Future Proof

Advanced Analytics and Statistical Modelling with a choice of deployment options, fully integrated with Microsoft.