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Collaboration with CREST for IoT Analytics

In conjunction with CREST open day, Syntheses collaborated with CREST to host a seminar on “Analyzing Data-in-Motion” to E&E Manufacturers, Academia, Industry players and MIDA to showcase how IoT Analytics works in real time. CREST (“Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology”) which is the strategic Electrical and Electronics (E&E) industry center of research and collaboration between the industry, academia and government hosted an open day on the 20th June 2017 at USM that focused on the theme “Technology to Market Realization”. The event highlights include key solutions in IoT Analytics, Neural Network Machine Learning, Big Data, Robotics and AGVs, among others, as an initiative from CREST to drive the E&E toward Industry 4.0 in Malaysia. The move towards Industry 4.0 is a “critical to boost Malaysia’ industrial and economic growth to RM2 trillion target within the next 8 years”.

Together with our principals and strategic partners, SAS, Dell, Allied Solutions and Tech Data, we hosted a seminar for the E&E industry to show how IoT Analytics works in real life. In this collaboration with CREST for IoT Analytics, we shared about the importance of IoT Analytics to the Industry 4.0 agenda, use cases of real-time streaming analytics in manufacturing sector, the challenges of connecting IoT sensors with various communication protocols and formats and a real-live demo with Rockwell Automation sensors connecting to SAS to produce real-time analytics. With the real-time analytics and data models, customers are able to do predictive analytics to prevent unnecessary downtime and increase productivity. Have a look at our feature video on how this solution works.

Syntheses also demonstrated an interactive analysis of Overall Equipment Effectiveness Dashboard or OEE. With the OEE you are able to see an overall performance of your machine as well dynamically interact with your dashboard to drill down to machines and timeline to compare previous performances. You are able to drill down to analyze downtime and take measures on how to prevent these downtime. If you wish to find out more about what is OEE dashboard and how it can help you. Please do contact us.

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CREST and SAS has partnered to offer manufacturers advanced analytics methodology to help them journey towards Industry 4.0. Read about it here. With our collaboration with CREST for IoT analytics, CREST ICDC also hosts SAS Analytics as a trial usage for the industry. If you are a manufacturer in the E&E industry who would like to test drive SAS, please contact us.

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