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Begin with the end in mind.
Smart algorithms reduce the need for guess work.
Get results, driven by insights.

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Gain Insights

Streaming data from operations, transactions, sensors or IOT devices is only valuable when it is UNDERSTOOD…

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Interact with your data

Define patterns and address scenarios from all aspects of your business, giving you the power to stay AGILE

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Understand your customers and your data. Peek into the future.

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The specialist in IOT Analytics
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How to get more information from your sensor? In what format and what interval? Give your machines life by connecting and mining real time data from your IOT devices and sensors.


How do you spot the data trends? Which data correlates? Eliminate guesswork and use the readily available smart algorithms to gain insights.


How do you monetize your most valuable asset i.e. data? Gain quick returns of investment with Syntheses Outcome-Based Methodology, designed to focus on getting results rapidly with analytics.


SAS is the analytics leader for more than four decades with more than 83,000 install sites globally. 94 out of 100 companies on the 2016 Fortune Global 500 uses SAS.

Welcome to the home of Syntheses – IoT Analytics Specialist in Malaysia. Our vision is to be the leader in providing solutions to understand the data from the Internet of Things (IoT) particular for customers from the Small and Medium Enterprise, who are the growth engine in Malaysia. With so many different sensors, machines, distinct connections (such as zigbee, z-wave, 6lowpan) with IoT protocols (such as MQTT, Rest) compounded with various different data format, databases and a myriad of big data technology, the combination of this makes the adoption of IoT seem so far fetched and complex.

Let us take care of the IoT complexity with our ecosystem of partners and deliver to you the insights while you focus on your business results and innovation. Let us help you connect the dots.


What is IoT?

The Internet of Things or IoT is connecting everyday devices or objects to the internet or to each other. This can be any “thing” that has the capability of connecting to the internet such as mobile phones, lights, alarm, wearable gadgets up to industrial machine and sensors. With the connected sensors, data from sensors can be analyzed and deliver better efficiency using IoT Analytics. The IoT is the future of technology that makes our lives more efficient. Gartner believes there will be 75.4 billion connected devices by 2025. Think about it that is equivalent to 10 connected device per each person living on earth.


Why is IoT important?

IoT is the next industry revolution that will impact all our lives. Malaysia has aspirations to become the premier regional IoT development hub with a clear strategic roadmap in place. Singapore is already embarking on building a smart nation with IoT as its core. IoT is the main ingredient in the Industry 4.0 revolution that is changing the way manufacturers operate. And a core capability that a manufacturer must have to achieve Industry 4.0 is data & analytics according to PwC. Syntheses aims to help you achieve that with IoT Analytics.

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How Syntheses can help?

How do you get those data from the sensors so that you can make sense of the data? After you get those data to stream, how do you analyze it? What can you do with it? This is where we come in, together with our ecosystem of specialists and proven world-class solutions, we bring to you the capabilities to connect and stream data from sensors in real time and analyze the data as it comes in, data-in-motion, data-at-edge or a data-at-rest. If you are looking to turn your most valuable asset i.e. data into insights and generate positive returns, call us for a no obligation appointment to discuss your needs on IoT Analytics.